Water is the crucial natural resource on earth and the living beings like people, birds, animals, and plants, etc. can depend on these water sources for their survival. The tourism industry is having many new sources like parks, beaches, hills, valleys, waterfalls, and mountains, etc. for its development. It can be the responsibility of the governments to support the tourism industry by providing the necessary permissions and funds for its substantial growth in revenue and popularity.

The water sources have been contributing a lot to the development of tourism, and the factors that can support such points include:

• Excellent beach areas

• Rivers, mountains, and valleys with beautiful water flow

• Water sports

• Fishing Sports

• Kayaking

• Underwater diving

• Canoeing etc.

People expect recreation and entertainment from the tourism industry as water is the significant attractive factor that can contribute more towards the revenue. By spending a day in the coastal beaches can provide relaxation and recreation to the people. Different types of watercraft sports are available for the entertainment of the people, and they need to have the boat and jetski licence at Gold Coast for participation. It can provide them fun and joy to the youngsters as most of the participants are young professionals.

 In the earlier days, people use to go to different destinations on their holidays. But since a decade, the governments and tourism companies have been concentrating on developing the coasts and beach areas for the benefit of tourism development. The corporate companies are showing interest in setting up restaurants, hotels and convention centers. People like to celebrate any events in a unique manner, and nowadays the event management companies have been choosing the beach destinations to celebrate the events.

Beaches are the popular destinations that can best suit for the touristic spots, and the beach games can attract the tourists and entertain them at maximum levels. Some people can have the capability to maintain their ships and cruises, and they need to perform the maintenance activities regularly for managing them with good working conditions. In the ports, it is mandatory to have the boat licence to carry out any kind of business operations like logistics.

Water transportation can also play a fundamental role in improving the tourism and business with the help of the ships and cruises. The local governing bodies need to verify the ports and harbours to restrict the illegal activities. The water transportation is cost effective than other possible means, and it can be fun travelling in the ships and cruises. Some people especially like to go in these ships by hiring them for their events. As the water is the most crucial source, it is the responsibility of the people to avoid contaminating. The international tourism agencies have been working hard to prevent the water contamination by educating the people and bringing awareness about the water pollution and hazards.